Casper's house:


main room

a cute little bakery! i wanted to try mixing the style of a more modern cafe with a cutesy, homey bakery aesthetic. plus I really wanted to get those customized baked goods from the welcome amiibo update. this room is finished, aside from the wall decorations... although i'm not sure if i'll keep the same pattern on the alphine chairs


the mayor's art studio! i really wanted to create an art studio in new leaf, since im an artist myself and the idea of an animal crossing studio loft sounded very cute to me. i wanted to mix the aesthetics of modern and messy in a fun way that i hadn't seen before

left room

a heart-themed room! i really wanted to make some more "cutesy" rooms when i came back to new leaf this winter, and this was one of the first room ideas i got. this room is still in progress. i think this room would look really cute with a custom pattern heart tiled floor/wall, but i haven't had much experience in making tile patterns before so i haven't attempted to make one yet. i'm considering changing the fabric patterns in the room to a custom heart pattern as well


the mayor's private, elegant study. i wanted to make a room with the gorgeous set as it has always been one of my favorite animal crossing sets... i love that red, gold, and black aesthetic. i also wanted to try and make a "hidden" working area, as i've seen a lot of interesting room layouts using the large bookshelf to block out areas of the room. this room is finished

right room

i wanted to make a room using the gothic black roccoco set, since i haven't seen the gothic black version of the set used much and i think it's one of the prettiest variations of the set. this room is not finished and is very in progress


THE BOB ROOM! i have just started on this room, and i'm very excited. i love weird/over the top animal crossing rooms, i think they're a lot of fun and i really enjoy the strange aesthetic of them. i cant wait to throw some snow machines into this room to make it really crazy. i'm planning on adding more bright/colorful furniture

Mary's house:


main room

the main hospital room. i'm not sure whether i want to make the room look more like a modern hospital or a decrepit one. i kind of like how eerie and empty this room feels, even though the layout is simple and i haven't put much time into it. this room is still in progress


mary's creepy work-in-progress murder basement. i've always been a big fan of acnl horror towns, rooms, and designs, so im surprised its taken me this long to get around to a horror-inspired villager. i'm not sure completely how i feel about the blood tile i made, it was my first time making a tile pattern. i cant wait to expand this room to the next size up to add more furniture!